Paul Orzulak is a founding partner of West Wing Writers, a Washington-based speechwriting and strategy firm, serving some of the world’s best-known figures in business, entertainment, philanthropy, and politics.

When not rooting passionately for the Boston Red Sox, Mr. Orzulak writes speeches for chief executive officers and senior vice presidents at the world’s leading information technology, energy, health care, media and entertainment companies. He has also written for heads of state, presidential candidates, international philanthropists, NFL quarterbacks and numerous human rights organizations.

Over the past decade, Mr. Orzulak has assisted in the preparation of articles for the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, The Times of India, USA Today, and other leading publications. He has prepared remarks for leaders appearing at the National Press Club, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Consumer Electronics Show, the Detroit Economic Club, the United Nations, Comdex, the Wehrkunde Conference, the National Petroleum Congress, the World Health Care Congress, the World Economic Forum, and before the United States Congress. He has also written commencement addresses and lectures for leaders appearing at Oxford University, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, the California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mr. Orzulak served in the Clinton White House as a Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and Foreign Policy Speechwriter. Prior to that, he served as Senior Domestic Policy Speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore. During the 2000 general election, he was chief speechwriter and message advisor for Senator Joseph Lieberman’s campaign for Vice President. He has also served as senior advisor and chief speechwriter for Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo, U.S. House Democratic Whip David Bonior, and Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, for whom he also served as chief speechwriter during the Senator’s 1992 campaign for President.

Mr. Orzulak has pumped gas, stacked pallets, labored as a farm hand, and worked as a writer for a global human resources consulting firm. He began his career as a sportswriter, which produced a memorable exchange with Mickey Mantle on the question, “Whatever happened to the two-handed catch in baseball?”

A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Mr. Orzulak lives in Washington with his wife, Beneva Schulte, and their three daughters.