Paula Mangin Founding partner, Blank Stare, Blink

Blank Stare, Blink is a fashion lovers' collaboration that celebrates being fashionable after forty, a time when most women begin waving the white flag.BSB was started by Jennifer Boyd-Einstein and Paula Mangin, two friends who met in the early 90's at a start-up advertising agency in San Francisco and have been shopping and musing ever since.

Currently Paula is a founding partner of Boyce::Mangin, a media consulting firm with a special emphasis on fashion brands, such as Dr. Martens. She is also a fashion illustrator. While studying under icon Gladys Perint-Palmer, Paula was told to quit her day job. But, she didn't. Solely because she loves advertising media and the clients she consults. She does, however, spend most of her nights reading, writing and drawing about the subject of fashion.

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