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**************************************************************************** has its roots in Monsieur Outler’s high school French class. In the back row, where Eric Fisher ('s editor) Ron Opher ('s business manager and writer) sat, sports conversation received equal time to language instruction. (Unfortunately, that was also reflected in Eric's grades in French, but that’s another matter.)

Fast-forward twenty-some years. Eric and Ron continued to offer opinions on sports, only this time their comments were usually made in group e-mail discussions rather than in French class. In the summer of 2010, Eric suggested to Ron that they expand their sports discussion to a wider audience – and before long, was born.

Eric has 22 years of journalism experience, almost entirely in the Philadelphia area (The Intelligencer, Metro, The Myerstown Herald, West Chester Courier, freelance writing for The Inquirer, radio appearances, and more). Ron possesses a treasure chest full of sports knowledge. He also has experience running various businesses - notably The Center on Central, a creative arts center in Paoli, PA, and is a consultant to service-sector businesses on operational efficiency issues, maintaining a business issues blog at Ron also founded the local charity Daddy’s Spirit Moves Me Forward, whose mission is to assist children whose fathers have died.

Ron is adept at integrating digital media into those businesses, and now relishes the challenge of helping to build a purely web-based business. Eric looks forward to using his journalism skills to help create an informative, entertaining and interactive website that sports fans will enjoy.