Dougal (aka ‘Dr Volcano’) has been picking up rocks since as long as he can remember. He has a BSc in Geology (Cardiff) and PhD in volcanic rocks (Liverpool) and runs his own company DougalEARTH ltd As well as research and Industry collaborations, Dougal has been involved in a variety of science outreach and media activities as a writer, on-screen expert and more recently presenter. He currently holds a professor II position at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED) at the University of Oslo and is a CBBC presenter for the science series ‘Fierce Earth’. He has written extensively in science journals and magazines and has recently penned two books (the latest ‘Introducing Volcanology – a guide to hot rocks’). In 2006 he was awarded the Murchison Fund of the Geological Society of London, in recognition of his early significant contribution to Earth Sciences. Dougal is a leading expert in Earth Sciences and is passionate about understanding our dynamic blue-green planet, and share that knowledge on. A keen outdoors enthusiast, he has travelled the world in search of answers to its geological past and its active present, visiting many of the Earth's extreme regions from Antarctica to Africa and beyond. Volcanoes are a particular favourite, and you can often find Dougal hunting down hot rocks on active volcanoes, or delving into the Earth’s volcanic past, and at his virtual home DougalEARTH you can follow his antics and find out more.