The Progressive Ideas Network is an alliance of multi-issue think tanks and activist organizations working together to amplify the power of ideas in advancing today's progressive movement. Its mission is to provide opportunities for collective action, offer services and training to its members, and create a forum for crafting long-term strategies and ideas. Together, we're building a policy infrastructure to power a new era in progressive politics.

Network members include Campaign for America's Future, Center for Community Change, Center for Economic and Policy Research, Center on Wisconsin Strategy, Commonweal Institute, Commonwealth Institute, Demos, Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, Economic Policy Institute, Grassroots Policy Project, Green For All, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Institute for Policy Studies, Jamestown Project, New Vision Institute, Opportunity Agenda, Progressive States Network, Redefining Progress, Roosevelt Institution, and Sightline Institute.

Contact Barry Kendall at for more information.

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