Amy S. Weber Advocate for peaceful solutions, mom and filmmaker, 'A Girl Like Her'

Amy is a filmmaker and a former educator, who has dedicated her career to making a difference in the quality of business, education and human life. In 1995, Amy walked away from her prominent advertising producing career to explore her life’s purpose, leading her directly into the University classroom. As an educator, she was inspired to bring the worlds of education and film production together to serve a greater purpose. Her company, Radish Creative Group, was formed to produce some of the most respected educational programs for youth around the world, catching the attention of network programming executives, as well as numerous prestigious awards. Over the past 15 years, Amy has developed, written and produced over 40 award-winning educational documentaries dealing with youth issues and education, ranging from everything from violence in schools and developing healthy relationships to teen suicide and child abuse. Amy has spent the majority of her life mentoring young people, both personally and through her role as a filmmaker. She is recognized as one of the top educational producers in the nation by world leading educational distribution giants. Amy's proudest work to date is her feature film, A Girl Like Her, that launched in theaters nationwide. This highly-acclaimed, revolutionary film, exploring the bully's perspective, is the result of Amy's passionate crusade meant to empower kids of all ages to find their voice and to live as their truest selves. The film received unprecedented acclaim for an independent film and reached viral status on Netflix, now worldwide. Amy's extensive knowledge and experience as an educator has led her to this life-changing mission. Her passion to make a positive contribution in the lives of young people drives her in ways that most people wonder if she ever sleeps. She designed a social change program for schools as a supplement to the movie titled, The PeaceKeeper Movement, with some of the top minds dealing youth issues today, as well as educators. This 7-step program is Amy's gift to youth around the world to begin to shift their youth experiences in schools to one of peace and unity. The program is being implemented into schools worldwide and is being hailed by educators and students as a "game-changer" in the fight against bullying. Amy hopes to continue her development of quality films and programs and to collaborate with creative minds that share her vision and passion for making a positive impact on the world.