Rayanne Thorn Editor at IntrepidHR, part of the intrepidNOW.com and VP - Marketing at Dovetail Software

Rayanne Thorn - Vice President - Marketing at Dovetail Software, case management and help desk solutions for Clarify and Human Resources. Ms. Thorn is also an editor at intrepidNOW, covering the intrepidHR channel, as well as an online radio host for HR Latte and TradeShow.media. Thorn describes social media as the New Front Porch while business processes are continuously altered by innovative but disruptive technology companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and SnapChat which refuse to stand still. She is an avid writer, sharing her brushes with humanity and technology/business and how they so often intersect. She frequently guest blogs and presents inside, as well as outside of her own industry.
Follow her on Twitter @Ray_anne

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