A Lutheran minister, ordained in 1975, the 7th in her church, entered the Navy Chaplain Corps as a Chaplain. A pioneer in the Chaplain Corps, she served as the first Woman Chaplain with the Marines, at Camp Pendleton, as Chaplain at the Navy's Officer Candidate School and the Naval Academy Prep School, in Newport, RI, and as Command Chaplain aboard USS LY Spear (AS 36) the first submarine tender to deploy overseas on general repair effort, not just in support of submarines, since WW II. The Spear provided repair support for the fleet assembled in the Persian Gulf after the American Embassy was seized and Americans held hostage for over a year.

In the Navy, she has also gained a Soviet/Warsaw pact intelligence specialty, and served in Germany and at Diego Garcia, and in the US, including a tour in the National Command Intelligence Center. She retired in 1995 as a Commander.

Since retiring from the Navy, she has served as a parish pastor in suburban MD, and as a police Chaplain for the Prince Georges County Police Department.

She currently lives in southern California, where for the first time as an adult, she is able to be part of her family.