In addition to his administrative oversight of the Seminary community, Cooper-White teaches in the areas of church administration and leadership. He is a frequent speaker in church and public venues. He also serves currently as Executive Director, Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries, and is an officer with boards of the Seminary Endowment Foundation, Washington Theological Consortium, and National Trust for Historic Gettysburg.

He is author of "On a Wing and a Prayer: Faithful Leadership in the 21st Century" and "The Comeback God: A Theological Primer for a Life of Faith" and is co-author of "Church Administration." Cooper-White has also written numerous articles, book chapters, and a regular blog on the Gettysburg Seminary website.

Cooper-White holds degrees from Concordia College and Gettysburg Seminary, and an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Susquehanna University. He is a commercially-rated pilot and flight instructor. The Rev. Michael L. Cooper-White, D.D. is the 12th president of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, having served in that office since 2000.