Rob Hahn, a divorced father of two boys, Bobby and Patrick, is the founder and president of Reform Family Law Now (, an organization devoted bringing change divorce custody laws in Minnesota and other states. He is also a small-business owner, an author and a former candidate for governor of Minnesota.

Rob learned the difficulties current family court laws and guidelines pose to parents who want shared physical custody, while going through his own divorce in 2009. He is one of nearly 250,000 non-custodial parents in Minnesota.

While going through his divorce, Rob attended a meeting of the Center for Parental Responsibility (CPR), an organization that, like RFLNow, is committed to fighting for the rights of parents. During that meeting, Rob had what he called his “Harvey Milk Moment,” realizing family law reform needed a Milk-like figure to create and lead a movement.

Rob ran for governor of Minnesota on the Independence Party ticket in 2010, often calling attention to the need for family law reform. Although he finished second in the primary, Rob received confirmation that there is a large group of people who feel the same way he does.

Following the release of his second novel ROBBOB For Governor (, a book that features a divorced dad who runs for governor and challenges his state's family law system (the book was written prior to Rob's campaign but released afterward), Rob established RLFNow with the goal of changing family law in Minnesota and other states.

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