Robert West Social Worker and activist not interested in protesting the joy out of life. I believe celebration and joy are tantamount to the identification and treatment of micro/macro pathologies.

Robert West is a social worker primarily interested in macro-level dynamics. He believes social work and social activism can and should be a vehicle for joy and celebration inasmuch they are used to highlight pathology. Robert recently founded Breaking Bread Under the Rainbow (BBUR), a organization committed to serving the LGBT/Allied community of New York City via social work and the culinary arts. With an emphasis on breaking bread, BBUR seeks to further strengthen the LGBT/Allied community by encouraging civic/philanthropic engagement and exploration of intra-community dynamics impacting LGBT/Allied individuals. While noting the importance of building fellow activists and organizers, he believes the building of the LGBT/Allied "family" is equally as important. Robert is the happy husband of John Bradley, a New York City school teacher.