Ronald B. Robinson: Ron's writing and academic research examines race, religion, politics, media, culture, and society from a "trans/anti-disciplinary" perspective that integrates the brain, social, and psychological sciences. This includes examining how the brain, mind, body, culture, individuals, groups, and society comprise a diverse system of "patterned practices" shaped by history, "influence networks," and structures of power. Ron is especially interested in exposing how Conservatives and the media use their power, networks, and knowledge to manipulate stereotypical images, subconscious associations, and implicit racial biases to "manage perception" and advance their political, social, and business interests, i.e. power. He also exposes how Conservatives abuse the Democratic Process, the Constitution's "Free Exercise of Religion" clause, and the 2nd Amendment, including key concepts such as "liberty" and "freedom" to promote an agenda which includes: a) establishing Sharia-esque sovereignty over society and "full spectrum dominion" over our minds and bodies (including bodily fluids, zygotes, embryos, contraceptive, health, and partnership choices, etc.) b) privatizing the public sphere (including public schools, prisons, parks and wilderness preserves, water, Social Security, Medicare, etc.). and c) abusing religion, race, and law to establish their "moral authority/superiority" and "white-supremacy" and thereby cloak themselves in the mandates of a "higher power," rationalize, sanctify, and mask their totalitarian designs, and rally the "troops" necessary to aggressively foist their total sovereignty and supremacy over society. Ron also examines how traditional Liberal/Progressive politics generally emphasize "issue oriented politics" rather than pursue effective electoral strategies to gain political power. This impedes the ability of Liberals/Progressives to implement a progressive agenda and has contributed to a right-ward shift of the media, citizenry, and the politics of democracy. Most significantly, Progressives' approach of pursuing of the "ideal" and/or "perfect" over the doable has contributed to the successes Conservatives/Republicans have achieved in seizing sovereignty even when Democrats control Congress and the White House. It has also led to Republicans' control of two thirds of the States and 70% of State Legislative bodies. On a personal note, like President Obama, Ron’s father is Black and his mother White, and he describes himself as a biracial Black man. He grew up in Jersey City where he served with his brother and parents as the front line shock troops in the post-Civil Rights, “Anti-Integration Wars.” This includes integration of their neighborhood, Catholic Parish and its elementary school in the face of often violent resistance. Ron went on to Jesuit school where he excelled as a scholar athlete. He describes his most significant Jesuit educational experiences as having translated "The Odyssey" and "Gospels" from Ancient Greek and his study of the works of Teilhard de Chardin and Richard Hofstadter. Ron is a graduate of Cornell University and obtained advanced degrees from MIT. His extended personal Odyssey includes what he brings to HuffPost, which a good friend recently described as "outrageous humor and satire, making the horror of it all a bit more palatable." This Odyssey includes spending many years in the private sector and later as a teacher and leader within the Public School system, and Professor and researcher at the post-secondary level. He is especially interested in applying Social Neuroscience research to address the issue of the so called “school to prison pipeline” into which public school bureaucracies have helped matriculate so many children - especially those who are Black, have learning disabilities, and/or come from economically challenged or single parent households.

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