Ryan D. Buell

Ryan D. Buell is a freelance journalist, author, paranormal investigator and producer living full-time in State College, Pa. While attending Penn State University, he wrote for the Centre Daily Times & The Daily Collegian (the student Penn State paper) and created an entertainment news blog covering films and TV.

At 22 years old, he allowed a documentary crew to film his life & paranormal investigations, resulting in the successful A&E show, "Paranormal State" which ran for five seasons and aired in roughly 40 countries. In 2011, Buell left "State" to pursue other endeavors, particularly writing and fiction. In 2010 HarperCollins published his first book, "My Journey into the Unknown." His second book will be out late next year. Buell also served as co-star and executive producer for the upcoming feature film, "American Ghost Hunter," which hits theaters in 2012.

Raised in Sumter, S.C., as a teen he served as editor of the high school paper. In 2006, he graduated Penn State with a Bachelor's in Journalism, and recently re-enrolled to pursue a degree in Biological Anthropology. In 2001, Buell formed the Paranormal Research Society, which has since become one of the most well-known paranormal groups in the world.

When not writing, filming or investigating the unknown, Buell spends time with his dog, Alexander (Xander, for short) the Great, hikes, works out and volunteers for various charities.

People can stay in touch with Buell through his Twitter or Facebook. Buell's official website is http://www.ryanbuell.net and he can also be reached via e-mail at ryan@the-prs.org.