Samita Mohanasundaram Undergraduate, Harvard College

Samita Mohanasundaram is a Harvard College undergraduate interested in the latest technological advances, environmental science, global health, public policy, and health policy. Samita is the author of Smart Traveler, which is now available on Amazon Kindle ( She's a professional Indian classical dancer of Bharathanatyam and a pianist, veenaist (4 foot long Indian classical instrument), and flautist. As the Dean of Harvard Sangeet's Music School, Samita is working to encourage students across campus to share and teach music & dance to their peers. She is also passionate about helping others and has run dozens of campaigns - including an international day to educate and honor children around the world. Samita is a voice for sustainable change - she works with research laboratories across Harvard University to encourage greener, more sustainable practices - from recycling and conserving energy to using reusable mugs and utilizing sustainable chemicals. As Founder and Co-president of the Harvard Mathematica Club, Samita is working to involve professors and students in a collaborative effort to implement what they teach and learn in a hands-on way. Among Samita's recognitions are the TIME Magazine and Bentley University Tomorrow25 Award, Volvo for Life Alexandra Scott Butterfly Award, and the U.S. Presidential Scholar.
You can follow her on Twitter: @SamitaMohan