Santi KM Bhagat is a mother of a young adult with a chronic medical condition, a physician, and the founder of a grassroots, charitable non-profit organization, Physician-Parent Caregivers (PPC).

When Dr. Bhagat’s daughter became critically ill, she had to withdraw from a medical fellowship at the Armed Forces Institutes of Pathology not to care for her child, but to protect her from unsafe and poor quality health care. Unable to find answers within the health care system, Dr. Bhagat studied health policy to gain the perspective from the outside looking in. Her research on physician-parents culminated in one question, “If we fail to secure quality health care for our children, how do non-medical parents manage?”

PPC builds on the unique knowledge of physician-parents to advance quality health care for all young people with chronic conditions and disabilities, and their families. PPC is at

Dr. Bhagat received her medical degree from the University of Bangalore, India and completed her residency in pathology and laboratory medicine at the Georgetown University Medical Center. Dr. Bhagat received an M.P.H. in health policy from the George Washington School of Public Health and Health Services.