Sara Bayles graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art with Honors. She then taught in non-profit art centers in both Boston, and Los Angeles. After pursuing a career in Special Effects Makeup at Rick Baker's Cinovation Studio, Sara turned her attention to writing for young adults.

In March of 2009 she created The Daily Ocean project about collecting trash from her local beach in Santa Monica, California. After 365 beach cleanups she's collected over 1,300 pounds of trash. Each Daily Ocean beach cleanup is only 20 minutes long as an example of inserting environmental action into a busy life that makes a significant difference.

Her diverse background in the arts, teaching, and ocean conservation makes her a special asset for inspiring people to care for their ocean, and home environment. Sara has already outreached to thousands of people with the message of the Daily Ocean and is committed to reaching thousands more believing, "One person makes a difference. That one person is you. Together we are an unstoppable solution."