Sheena Hervey began work in New York as a consultant in 1996 and joined the Editure/AUSSIE Professional Development administration as Chief Academic Officer in 2006. Sheena brought with her extensive experience in both teaching and administration. In New Zealand Sheena has been a teacher, administrator, reading adviser, and the Director of Primary Programs at the Dunedin College of Education.

Sheena had a national profile in New Zealand for her work in the literacy area. She worked with the New Zealand Ministry of Education in a consultancy role. She was a member of the National Advisory Group for the development of the NZ National English Curriculum Statement.

In 2010-2011 Sheena led the Editure/AUSSIE Professional Development partnership with the New York City Department of Education in the Secondary Literacy Pilot and in 2012 began working with the NYCDOE in their Middle School Quality Initiative as their Senior Literacy Adviser.

Her publications include The Reader as a Learner, Dancing with the Pen, Reading for Life and Exploring Language.