Sheldon Filger Founder,

Sheldon Filger, an American-Canadian writer, is the author of the following books about the 2016 presidential election in the United States: HILLARY CLINTON VERSUS DONALD TRUMP: CELEBRITY PRESIDENTIAL DUEL 2016; HILLARY CLINTON 2016: FULL EXPOSURE and DONALD TRUMP 2016: AMERICA'S NEXT PRESIDENT? The above titles are available as Kindle eBooks on Amazon.

Mr. Filger's other books include ISLAMIC STATE AT WAR, an analysis of ISIS and the turmoil in the Middle East, and the novels WALL STREET KILLS and KING OF BOMBS, the latter about a nuclear terrorism plot directed against New York City. Sheldon Filger is also an avid fine art photographer; a collection of his photographic compositions is presented in NUDE WOMEN: A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY.

Mr. Filger is the founder of, one of the most visible websites on the Internet focused on the global economic crisis and its enduring ramifications.

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