Stephanie Julia Director of Business Development & Social Responsibility at Seequ

Stephanie dedicates much of her time to empower and support movements with youth through programs with organizations such as and by encouraging creative self-expression through the illustration of the practical importance of literacy, while writing and producing digital media projects. She has developed and delivered programs to help promote mindfulness and social-emotional learning in projects for teens, educators and parents, with a particular focus on those in at-risk circumstances, including residents in Newark, NJ prison programs. Stephanie co-facilitated the installation of Mindfulness Without Borders Mindfulness Ambassador Council for Essex County, New Jersey at Rutgers University’s Institute for International Peace. She has presented “An Alternative to the Habitual Thinking: Changing the Inner Dialogue” at Central Connecticut University with Dr. Daniel Barbazat, Professor of Economics at Amherst College and Executive Director of the Center for the Contemplative Mind in Society.