Stephen C. Rose Founder of prize-winning magazine 'Renewal'

I'm baack! Lots of water under the dam and all new Web details. My blog is now and I am actively developing a small library of Kindle books at

The rest of my bio remains the same:

Born and raised in Manhattan.Attended Phillips Exeter Academy and finished Williams College Phi Beta Kappa with a double major in Political Science and English. Received a Masters from Union Theological Seminary in New York and founded Renewal Magazine in Chicago in 1961. Active in the Civil Rights movement, reporting from Birmingham, Oxford and Selma. Interviewed Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., C. A. Doxiadis and Saul Alinsky. From 1968-1980, lived in Stockbridge, MA. Became head of the Albert Schweitzer Center. Now live in Manhattan where I worked for UN agencies, including UNICEF. At UNDP I edited CHOICES. Magazine. Author of 15 books including "The Grass Roots Church" and, recently, "Abba's Way" and "Beyond Creed". . Email: steverose at gmail dot com

I am hoping to resume writing at Huffiington Post after a two year hiatus.

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