Stephen Kretzmann Executive Director, Oil Change International

Stephen Kretzmann is the Executive Director of Oil Change International which is a founding member of the Dirty Energy Money campaign.

Steve Kretzmann has worked on energy issues and the global oil industry for the last twenty years. He has worked with communities and organizations around the world concerned with the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the oil industry. He has campaigned to keep coasts free from oil & gas drilling, keep bike lanes open in New York City, expose the oil industry’s involvement in drafting Iraq’s new oil law and end destructive public finance by institutions such as the World Bank. He has also represented various organizations in Washington and at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Montreal Protocol.

Mr. Kretzmann has authored numerous articles and reports and is a regular commentator on issues of corporate accountability, climate change, the global oil industry, and environmental and human rights. He founded Oil Change International in 2005 in order to educate about the true impacts of fossil fuels and to conduct research, education, and organizing to hasten the transition to clean energy.

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