Steve Heilig Health care ethicist, epidemiologist, and environmentalist

Steve Heilig is a healthcare ethicist, editor, epidemiologist, environmentalist, and ethnomusicologist based in San Francisco and Marin. Trained in public health, economics, and biology at five UC campuses, he has worked with many nonprofit organizations and hospitals and in biotechnology, and has authored over 500 articles on a wide range of topics, as well as over 100 diverse book reviews. With particular interest in reproductive health and rights, death and dying, environmental science and policy, and addiction medicine, he has lectured at the University of California, Stanford, and Harvard, is a co-editor of the Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, and is currently formally affiliated with the San Francisco Medical Society, California Pacific Medical Center, and Commonweal, a health and environmental institute. He is also a widely-published music journalist and author of fiction, poetry, and literary criticism, and a "City Brights" blogger for SFGate. His views here are his own.

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