Steve McDaniel Researcher specializing in Martian astrobiology

Dr. McDaniel is an avid amateur Mars researcher specializing in Martian astrobiology. As a member of the 2008 Swedish Polar Expedition, he conducted microbiology on Martian analog gullies on the Arctic desert islands of Svalbard (“Terrestrial gullies and debris flows tracks on Svalbard as planetary analogs for Mars,” Reiss, et al., Geo. Soc. America, Special Paper, Summer/Fall 2010). He has participated in numerous Mars Analog missions including serving as Commanding Officer for the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station, on Devon Island, Canada in the 2003. Dr. McDaniel is a member of the Association of Mars Explorers. In 2010, he co-founded Explore Mars and presently serves on it Board and as its legal adviser. His studies of extremeophile microbes led him to found Reactive Surfaces, a bio-engineering company that uses molecular biology to develop functional additives for paints and coatings that protect surfaces against algae, mold, bacteria, odors and viruses on a variety of surfaces, as well as surfaces with functionality like self-degreasing, self-deodorizing, and self-repairing properties.