Steven Denlinger

Steven L. Denlinger currently teaches English and high school journalism on a small island near Seattle, WA, where he also advises the student newspaper and literary journal.

In 2010, after spending a year with his family in Hartville, Ohio, Mr. Denlinger relocated to the Pacific Northwest, where two years later, he married his lifelong love, author Laura Navarre.

An Ohio native, Mr. Denlinger has spent 26 years teaching English at schools such as Vashon HIgh School, The Archer School, Hoover High School, Steubenville High School, Catholic Central High School, and Kidron Central Christian. In April 2001, Mr. Denlinger was chosen as one of ten semifinalists for Teacher of the Year by the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce in Ohio. Outside the classroom, Mr. Denlinger has trained a generation of leaders in journalism, business and the theatre.

Mr. Denlinger earned his master’s degree in English in 1999 from the Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College – spending two summers at the Lincoln College, Oxford University campus, and two at the Mountain campus in Middlebury. He earned his BA in history and English from Malone College, serving as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar at Richmond University in London, England from 1988-89.

Having written several screenplays, Mr. Denlinger is currently writing a memoir based on his published columns on HuffPost.

Mr. Denlinger can be reached at

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