Tara Kennedy-Kline is a certified family parenting expert, popular radio host, TV personality and speaker, best known as the acclaimed author of Stop Raising Einstein: Discover The Unique Brilliance In Your Child… and You. She has been dubbed “The Queen of Accountability” and works with parents everyday to guide them through the challenges of parenting, with a recognition and understanding of what kids are face with growing up in today’s technology-centric world.

Tara is a contributor to many top-rated parenting magazines and a frequent guest on radio TV talk shows. Her passion and purpose is to redirect parents who are frustrated trying to raise the perfect child in an imperfect world, inspiring them to discover the unique brilliance in their children… and themselves. Tara is unapologetic in her direct realism, with an animated style that embraces the issues, and creates principles and guidelines that build strength in the family unit.