Terry Ward -- who blogs as GrumpyVisualArtist -- is an artist, art writer, and past art teacher. Ward writes "for fun" and --simply-- "as inspired at the moment" and has had several cover stories published with print magazines "The New York Art World" and "In The Art World." Ward art has been in the personal collections of Al Gore, Cy Twombly, and Jimmy Carter --the latter in ongoing exhibit at the Carter Center in the selective permanent display collection. Ward has exhibited solo in Gotham at the New York Mercantile Exchange and at Two Fingers Gallery; Ward exhibited in groups at NYC's Family Business Gallery and at Sloan Fine Art, RH Gallery, and ArtCurrents. Notable shows outside of NYC included an appearance at a Smithsonian affiliate gallery and also inclusion in a selective Atlanta exhibit through the Billboard Art Project. In the Clinton era at James Madison University, Ward's thesis topic dealt with found-object art and Ward graduated with honors as a studio art major. http://grumpyvisualartist.blogspot.com