Co-written by three great friends, Marina Drasnin, Karla Kurz and Rhonda Turner were faced with the ultimate and all-too-common loss, divorce. While there were many sleepless nights and more tears than they would like to admit, they didn't wallow for too long. Putting hearts and minds into reinventing their lives, they created THE DIVORCED GIRLS COOKBOOK-Favorite Recipes from a Year of Living Miserably but Eating Well.

Their book tells the tale of how preparing, sharing and eating great food helped them find not just their groove but the lives they were meant to lead. As told from three different vantage points, each having been hit by the life-tsunami at different times … their stories will resonate for many as their close friendship turned out to be their key ingredient for survival.

Marina is an established artist (; Karla is a film production executive; Rhonda is a PR consultant ( They're a lot of other things, too, including mothers, their greatest achievement to date, and their coveted raison'd'tre!