Thelonious Johnson Certified Personal Trainer in New York City known for his work with Anderson Cooper

Thelonious Johnson is a native New Yorker and a Certified Personal Trainer in New York City, with over 10 years of experience training everyone from celebrities such as Anderson Cooper to people who just want to push the limit and achieve their goals. Specializing in weight loss, diet, nutrition, health, fitness, muscle gain, fitness programs, and motivation, the personal training fitness programs incorporate all aspects of whole body fitness. For the fitness programs -- strength training for building total muscle strength and whole body strength, cardiovascular strength or aerobic conditioning, endurance training for increased stamina, energy and endurance, flexibility stretching exercises for increased muscle flexibility and agility, diet/nutrition for proper eating to have more energy, to feel much better and to achieve ones individuals heath fitness goals.

Thelonious is not a one trick pony! Being from a family of artists, when he is not training, skydiving, traveling around the world snowboarding, surfing, cycling or running marathons while raising money for charities, you can find him in acting class perfecting his craft. Just another passion of his! Some of his work consists of appearances on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," "All My Children" and "One Life To Live." Commercials include being the Old Spice Guy and he has been in several off-Broadway plays and a few short films. Most recently he has been running marathons for a charity for his hometown. The drama club budget was cut in his hometown, and TJ being one for the arts, has been running marathons raising money to pay acting teachers to give courses after school and ultimately build a new theatre. He calls it "Running For Drama" and is doing it with 29th St. Rep Theatre. In six months he has run four marathons and two half-marathons. He would eventually love to see this charity grow globally and see kids around the world getting into the arts!

You will be able to follow TJ and his adventures on his Twitter page! Coming soon!