Tim Thornton The Fink drummer who can string a few sentences together

Tim Thornton was born over 30 years ago in Darlington, England. At the age of four he started hitting things and, despite his parents bribing him with a guitar, has never stopped since. In 2005, after years farting about with pop groups of varying genre and gruesomeness, he began drumming for onetime DJ and producer Fink, who promptly added bass player Guy Whittaker and became a band. The trio have released four albums for Ninja Tune: Biscuits for Breakfast (2006), Distance and Time (2007), Sort of Revolution (2009) and last year's Perfect Darkness, described by the BBC as "a writhing, surprisingly meaty addition to the over-crowded singer-songwriter genre". Along the way Tim also did what most drummers have threatened to do but have rarely managed: write a novel about being a obsessive alcoholic superfan. The Alternative Hero was published by Random House in 2009 and was described by The Guardian as "the indiest book of all time"; a second book, Death of an Unsigned Band, followed in 2010.