Toan Lam Founder, Go Inspire Go

Toan Lam is the CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of WWW.GOINSPIREGO.COM,
(GIG) a nonprofit video-based website that uses social networking to inspire social change and encourages viewers to “Discover and Use Your Power to Help Others.” We create inspirational videos featuring regular people who use their talents and resources to better their community. We distribute our stories using social media to encourage sharing and inspire people to become civically engaged. At the end of every GIG video, there’s a call to action with information on how you can make a difference.

A former, broadcast reporter, Toan has nearly 10 years of TV industry experience, both-in-front of, and behind-the-camera.

Toan is also a member of the Asian American Journalists' Association.

Watch. Be Inspired. Act.
What Can YOU do?

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