Trina Hayes Author, 'Just Love Her: A Mother's Journey of Healing Through Her Daughter's Drug Addiction'

Trina Hayes is the author of " Attracted to ADDICTS? Break the Patterns of Codependent, Unhealthy Relationships" and "Just Love Her: A Mother’s Journey of Healing Through Her Daughter’s Drug Addiction."

Author and inspirational leader, Trina Hayes has traveled a long and difficult road toward healing and learning to love herself. Now, by sharing her story she brings that lesson to others who are ready to embark on a similar journey.

Born and raised in a small farming village in Hope, on the south coast of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Hayes enjoyed visiting the elderly, listening to their stories, when she was a little girl and dreamed of being a writer and a speaker. From a very early age she understood the importance of relationships.

Her path has taken her to university in Montreal, a kibbutz in Israel, research in Australia, an international housing conference in China, a marketing career in the United Kingdom and a year in Canada’s Arctic as Director of Mental Health, Wellness and Addiction. There she built bridges between various departments within the government and communities across the north.

She has been fascinated with people and how and why they develop their social networks for more than 25 years. During the writing of her masters’ thesis she studied elderly women and how their social networks impacted their decision about remaining in their own homes or moving in to long term care facilities.

Throughout her life she has taken the time to listen to people and get to know them on a personal level. The one thing she says we all have in common throughout the world is that we want to love and be loved. She believes that as one person is healed and learns to love themselves, that person then represents healing for others. Through sharing our stories we can promote more healing and ultimately more love in
the world.

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