Vanessa Baden Kelly Writer, Filmmaker, Actress - Brave New Films; The Protolog

Vanessa Baden Kelly has spent the past 10 years of her life toggling between community organizing and television/film. A graduate of Florida State University, Vanessa holds a degree in Sociology and in Media Productions with a minor in Creative Writing. As a community organizer she has been an organizer on staff for organizations such as Community Coalition, the Center for Health Environment and Justice, and Obama for America (2008). Vanessa trains organizers for the Children’s Defense Fund’s YALT initiative, and is one of the original members of the Dream Defenders. She also serves as a consultant for the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Her work in film and media varies from work with Nickelodeon, TVLand, and The Laugh Factory. In 2013 she embarked on her hardest job yet: being the wife to a freakin sweet drummer.