Venus Meets Isis Digital Media Program For Teen Girls

Welcome! We are writers, poets, language enthusiasts, activists, fashionistas, creatives, leaders, and most of all teens like you. We Want YOU to feel a sense of confidence and empowerment and be inspired with creativity through our writing.

Venus Meets Isis is a Business and Technology Network for Teen Girls developed by The Corporate Goddess Editor, Tiffany Crawford. As a young business owner with a background in engineering that lead to consulting some of the largest companies in the world in her twenties, Tiffany has a vested interest in empowering young women like herself to be business and tech savvy.

Venus Meets Isis has a four-six week entry program where sisterhood, confidence, and mentorship are at the core. Tiffany, an experienced curriculum designer for large scale IT projects, has created a curriculum integrating marketing, content strategy, and web development where each of the girls develop and run their own website.

The network currently includes girls from four of the five New York City boroughs and is expanding to Westchester County this Fall. The young ladies are chosen through an application process.

Email for more information.