Victor Capoccia is program director for Closing the Treatment Gap and a senior scientist at the University of Wisconsin. Previously he led the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Addiction Prevention and Treatment team, and worked on the Human Capital and Quality teams.

For ten years, Capoccia was the president and CEO of CAB Health and Recovery Services, Inc., a community-based provider for inpatient, residential, outpatient, prevention, and related health services in the alcohol and drug addiction field. He was an invited member of the Institute of Medicine Committee on Community-Based Drug Treatment; and chairman of CSAT’s National Treatment Plan work group on Improving Treatment Systems.

Capoccia has also served as director of Community Health Services for the City of Boston, Department of Health and Hospitals, and was a member of the faculty of the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. He was invited by the British National Health Service, Modernization Agency to develop guidance on sustaining change, and assisted a UN work group to expand quality treatment in developing nations. He holds a BA and MSW in community organization from Boston College, an MA in urban and regional planning from the University of Iowa, and a PhD in health policy from Brandeis University’s Heller Graduate School.