Victoria Amory Cookbook author

Victoria Amory writes about food, entertaining and lifestyle for local and national magazines and newspapers. She has written for the Sun Sentinel, Quest Magazine, Food & Wine, and Town & Country Travel. She is a contributing editor for Cottages & Gardens Publications, Miami Herald Home & Design Magazine, and Palm Beach Life. She also writes a regular column for the Palm Beach Daily News and appears in a monthly segment for WXEL TV "South Florida Today", PBS's local Emmy award winning show.

Passionate about good food, Victoria shares her easy, elegant, and classic-with-a-twist recipes to make working in the kitchen a delight, not a chore. Born and raised in Spain, she combines European style with American practicality to create scrumptious and easy to prepare meals. Her parents, Count and Countess de la Maza, taught her the backbone for entertaining at home: simple excellent food combined with genuine graciousness, an inclusive sense of etiquette, and a great deal of conviviality. Her entertaining philosophy covers everything from mouthwatering recipes, which use readily available ingredients and that are easy to make, to wonderfully stylish table settings accessorized with objects that one already has at home.

Victoria honed her skills doing corporate special events, public relations, and chairing fundraising parties in New York. She now lives in Palm Beach, Florida with her husband and their three boys.