Victoria Z. Wilson, J.D, Ph.D. is a unique combination of beauty, brains and brawn. A former pin-up model, she holds a law degree and a doctorate in clinical psychology with a post-graduate certification in sex therapy and divorce mediation. She writes a monthly sex and dating advice column for Penthouse magazine, and she used to host her own Sirius Radio show, "The Sex Connection." Victoria authored a number of books, including "Anatomy of Pleasure,” “Dr. Z on Scoring” and "The 30-Day Sex Solution: How to Build Intimacy, Enhance Your Sex Life and Strengthen Your Relationship in One Month’s Time," her most recent, highly acclaimed book for reviving romance in long-term relationships. Dr Z is a resident sexpert on Fox News, and she is currently developing her own television show, through which she hopes to receive recognition for the uniqueness and thoughtfulness of her opinions on love, sex and intimacy. You can find out more about Victoria on her site,