Winthrop R Adkins, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Columbia University's Teachers College, its school of education and applied psychology and president of the Institute for Life Coping Skills. He has a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, a masters degree in vocational rehabilitation and a doctorate in counseling psychology from Columbia. As a professor there he taught doctoral and masters students theories and methods of individual and group counseling, organizational development and the design of problem-centered, multi media learning programs. He served 3 years as a Gunnery and Communications Officer in the US Navy in the Sixth Fleet and was a psychology intern in three Veterans Administration hospitals. He is one of the major theorists and program designers of behavioral multi-media workshops for developing psychological competence and the principal author of the Adkins Life Skills Program: Career Development Program which is now in its third edition and has been installed nationally in over 2000 agencies in 46 states, serving over 2 million unemployed and unemployable persons.