Jerry Ashton Veteran and gadfly of the collections industry, medical debt patient advocate and co-founder of RIP Medical Debt.

Jerry Ashton is a forty-year veteran in credit and collections industry and an acknowledged gadfly in that industry. He has been chronicling the Occupy Wall Street movement almost since its inception and has become an “unintended activist” through that experience. Determined to create an ongoing archive of the effects of the Great Recession and those who have resisted the forces which created that scar, he chosen to blog at the Huffington Post to give voice and presence to the men and women he met along the way. Heroes and heroines all. Oh yes, and finally to take on one of Occupy's major complaints: medical debt. Out of this effort has come a nonprofit called RIP Medical Debt, a 501(c)(3) non-profit inspired by Occupy's Rolling Jubilee. Thanks to donors and benefactors, we are able to search out, locate and buy unpaid and unpayable medical debt for one sole purpose - to forgive it. If you want a view about the medical system today and the debt into which it puts its patients that only a former bill collector can offer, visit Amazon to find "The Patient, The Doctor, and the Bill Collector: An Obamacare and medical collections survival guide." Yes. You WILL need a survival guide. After this last election - big time!

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