Yeardley Smith is an Emmy award-winning actress, novelist and playwright who has appeared on television, film and Broadway. She recently published her first novel entitled, I Lorelei, through HarperCollins Children's Books.

I, Lorelei is a funny, poignant story about lasting friendship and coping with change. The heroine, smart and sassy Lorelei Connelly, is an inspiration to young readers who, like Lorelei, grapple with self-esteem as they encounter peer pressure, clueless parents and the unpredictability of everyday life.

Yeardley is undoubtedly best known as the voice of Lisa Simpson on Fox's hit television show, The Simpsons. In addition to Yeardley winning the Emmy for “Outstanding Voice-over Achievement” in 1992, the series has been awarded over two dozen Emmys to date, and begins its 21st season making it the longest running comedy in network history.

Yeardley’s film credits include the soon-to-be-released features Tug, Spork and High School starring Adrien Brody and Michael Chiklis. She also recently executive produced and starred in the independent feature, Waiting for Ophelia which will distributed by IFC through their Festival Direct program.

Additional film roles include 'Jackie', Greg Kinnear's personal assistant, in As Good As It Gets. 'Lulu', the boozy palm-reader, in Just Write. 'Nancy', the supermarket checkout girl, who crashes Billy Crystal's birthday party and ruins Daniel Stern's life in City Slickers. 'Connie', the screaming Southern newlywed, in Maximum Overdrive, written and directed by Stephen King and 'Putter' the smart-mouthed thirteen year old in The Legend of Billie Jean.

On television, Yeardley has done guest starring roles in such shows as Mad Men, Dead Like Me, Dharma & Greg, Becker, Murphy Brown, Empty Nest, Brothers, Tales from the Dark Side, Mama's Family and three years as 'Louise Fitzer' on Fox TV's Herman's Head .

Yeardley made her Broadway debut in Tom Stoppard's hit play, The Real Thing, directed by Mike Nichols and starring Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close.

In 2004, she returned to the New York stage to star in MORE, her one-woman show based on her life. The show was directed by Tony-Award winner Judith Ivey.

Yeardley is an avid supporter of the charity, Grameen Foundation, whose focus is eliminating global poverty by giving small loans to women and teaching them to be self-sustaining entrepreneurs.