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Entries by Aaron Belkin from 11/2007

Reagan, Neshoba, and the War on Terror

| Posted 11.17.2007 | Politics

After the next terrorist attack, it will become highly tempting to look for witches. If we can't bring out the best in ourselves now, what chance will we have when circumstances get worse?

My Thanksgiving Internal Conversation

| Posted 11.21.2007 | Healthy Living

I was just having an internal conversation with myself, one of those endless loop kind of things that you use to substitute for entertainment when you can't listen to NPR.

28 Generals and Admirals: "Let Gays Serve"

| Posted 11.30.2007 | Politics

Today a group of 28 retired Generals and Admirals called for the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." The group is diverse, and includes leaders from the Army, Air Force and Navy.