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Entries by Abdul Malik Mujahid from 05/2009

Why Do Afghans Have a Life Expectancy of Only 44 Years?

| Posted 05.18.2009 | World

President Obama is dangerously wrong for pursuing the military path in Afghanistan. It is one that will only exacerbate terrorism, as well as further destroy a nation crippled by thirty years of war.

My Memorial Day Reflections

| Posted 05.29.2009 | World

How many of us can turn down money for a higher cause? How many of us will leave a life of comfort and go for some thing which has substantial risks and dangers?

Engaging American Muslims Will Give a Far Better Message to the Muslim World than Speeches

| Posted 05.30.2009 | World

Muslims are not looking for handouts. We're simply striving for equal opportunity and inclusiveness.