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Entries by Adam Hanft from 08/2008

Reincarnation Alert! The Depression Generation Is Returning! Meet the Upside-Down Generation

| Posted 08.01.2008 | Business

Gen X and Gen Y are fed up with their boomer parents, so rejecting their values in the wake of the current financial mess -- values, that, the argument goes, helped create it -- will come easy.

The Speech I'd Want President Hu Jintao to Give in Response to President Bush

| Posted 08.08.2008 | Politics
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President Bush, I know how tempting it is for you to use your platform as president of what is - at least so far - the most powerful nation on earth, ...

The Necessary Audacity of Hillary Clinton as Vice President

| Posted 08.11.2008 | Politics

To ignore the passion, grittiness and success of Hillary's efforts, and anoint a secondary figure like Evan Bayh, is a definitive act that would be hard to interpret as anything but a slap in the face.

Michelle Obama's Speech: A High-Tech Groveling

| Posted 08.26.2008 | Politics

The one thing I haven't read in all the praise and accolades is the simple fact that this was a speech Michelle should never have had to make.