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Entries by Adam Hanft from 10/2009

Gourmet Starved to Death

| Posted 10.06.2009 | Media

People who read Gourmet are natural customers of neighborhood restaurants, local wine shops, local cheese mongers. But have you ever seen one of their ads in the magazine?

Who Needs the Olympics? Consolation Reading for Chicago Lovers

| Posted 10.06.2009 | Books

Chicago is an Olympian city when it comes to literature and the arts. And what better time than now to remind us? Here's a sampling of some of those triumphs of the sedentary.

Irving Penn, Twitter, and the Everydayness of Life

| Posted 10.08.2009 | Style

Twitphobes complain, "Do I really care if so-and-so picked up the kids or had to wait too long for a latte at Starbucks?" Maybe we do. Maybe we should. Maybe we can.

I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke - And Slap It With a Big Fat Sugar Tax

| Posted 10.15.2009 | Business

I wouldn't be surprised at all if local sugar-and-fructose taxes start appearing in city after city, as one politician after another races to jump on the bandwagon.

What Really Scares Me This Halloween

| Posted 10.31.2009 | Healthy Living

The fact that 80% of the recent jobs lost were held by men; people who have volunteered for Bloomberg's third term bid; getting Facebook invitations from people who campaigned for Eugene McCarthy.