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Entries by Adam McKay from 05/2005

In Junior We Trust

| Posted 05.10.2005 | Huffington Post

I recently went to the Talladega 500 race in Alabama for a film scout. The entire time I was there, my friends and I joked about yelling "I love Howard Dean!" or "Noam Chomsky rules!" Without exaggeration the crowd would have ripped us apart and passed our torsos around over their heads like a beach ball at an REO Speedwagon concert.

White Argentinean Men Can Jump

| Posted 05.16.2005 | Politics
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Here's the other thing about these foreigners, these guys can jump. Ginobili dunks in people's mugs. He dunks like Sprewell if Sprewell had a haircut like Richard Marx. And Steve Nash, the Canadian, has soul. Which of course makes me think he's not Canadian.

If Bush Is Vader…Does That Make Natalie Portman Condi?

| Posted 05.20.2005 | Politics
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If Republicans are upset about the comparisons between Darth Vader and George W they had better stay away from any movie dealing with power and corruption run amok or movies about weak sons who lead with arrogance...

What Were We Fighting Over Again?

| Posted 05.27.2005 | Politics
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I believe in a strong military. I supported the incursion into Serbia. I support what we did in WW II and I support what we did in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11. But for the life of me I don't get the whole Iraq thing and how we've all forgiven the mistakes made by our leaders that led to 100,000 Iraqi deaths and thirty thousand U.S. casualties.