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Entries by Adele Stan from 07/2008

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

| Posted 07.01.2008 | Politics

video provided by the Obama for President campaign Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared together at a campaign rally in Unity, New Hampshire, ...

Women Veep Hopefuls on Meet the Press

| Posted 07.13.2008 | Politics

This face-off between Carly Fiorina and Claire McCaskill made it hard not to wonder if a woman will be chosen to fill the veep slot on either ticket.

Afghan Ambassador Likes Barack Plan, Too?

| Posted 07.19.2008 | Politics

A few hours into his journey to the two key lands occupied by American troops, Barack Obama is feeling the love. Indeed, it seems as if leaders in bo...

Obama's VP List: A Few Good Men -- And No Women?

| Posted 07.20.2008 | Politics

The part I find so maddening about this turn of events is the reason given for the absence of a female contender.

By McCain's Measure, the Surge Failed
(Just Ask an Iraqi Leader)

| Posted 07.25.2008 | Politics

Critics may quibble with John McCain's definition of the surge in Iraq -- a little bit this, a little bit that. But to go after McCain on his definit...

Obama on Meet the Press: It's Still About Race and Gender

| Posted 07.27.2008 | Media

Obama seemed to reveal an evolving strategy for how do deal with the very issue that makes this presidential election so historic -- that of his race.

Time to Make Art

| Posted 07.28.2008 | Politics

This Saturday, at a chicly shabby rock-n-roll bar in Washington, D.C., Spencer Ackerman of AttAckerman fame helmed the stage at the Velvet Lounge with band-mate Rory Carroll -- a duo known as The Surge.

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Obama's Right on Afghanistan

| Posted 07.30.2008 | Politics

The New York Times today broke news that supports Obama's case for putting Pakistan and Afghanistan front and center in the fight against global terrorism.

McCain Ad a "Dumb Blonde" Joke

| Posted 07.31.2008 | Politics

The point that the McCain folks are clearly trying to make is that Obama is just like female celebrities, who are, of course, slutty, stupid or mentally disturbed.