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Entries by Jeanne Devon (AKMuckraker) from 08/2009

Palins to Divorce?

| Posted 08.01.2009 | Politics

The blogosphere in Alaska is on fire this morning with explosive new allegations about former governor Sarah Palin and ex-First Dude Todd. Reports say divorce is in the air.

Leave the Kids Alone! Except the Kindergarteners

| Posted 08.04.2009 | Politics

Unless Palin's strategy is to shine the national media spotlight on everything the Alaska bloggers have been reporting about her transgressions, it might be a good idea to take some quiet time.

Alaska Legislature Votes to Accept Palin's Rejected Stimulus Funds

| Posted 08.10.2009 | Politics

Sarah Palin's rejection of almost $29 million in federal stimulus money designated for energy efficiency projects was overturned today in a special session of the Alaska State Legislature.

The Truth About Nazis

| Posted 08.23.2009 | Politics

As the greatest generation becomes a memory, it is up to the generations that follow them to keep "Hitler" and "Nazi" out of the clutches of those who would make them political buzzwords.

After a Year of Sarah Palin, Alaska Wonders, "What the Hell Were We Thinking?"

| Posted 08.29.2009 | Politics

From the moment of Sarah Palin's nomination until the day of her resignation, her numbers sank. It was like watching a slow motion film clip of the Hindenburg.