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Entries by Alan Gottlieb from 12/2010

Hubris v. Parochialism

| Posted 12.01.2010 | Education

The argument that only educators can run education institutions is narrow-minded and parochial, and isn't germane to the Bloomberg-Black issue.

Fight the Pressure

| Posted 12.10.2010 | Education

Race to Nowhere isn't about how the education system is failing low-income kids. It's about how as a society we have put so much pressure on our children.

Hurricane Rhee Blows Through Town

| Posted 12.14.2010 | Denver

Michelle Rhee speaks her mind bluntly and forcefully, not pausing to worry about whether she might be offending anyone in her audience. That's part of what endears her to people who agree with her on school reform.

Crashing Into a Low Bar

| Posted 12.22.2010 | Education

This new report shows that students further down the ladder lack the skills to do, well, much of anything beyond manual labor.