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Entries by Alan Schram from 11/2008

Why the Stock Market is Cheap Now

| Posted 11.03.2008 | Business

We are seeing some of the best stock valuations in the last century. Once fear of illiquidity dissipates, the stock market will get back to normal levels.

Washington Overreacts

| Posted 11.10.2008 | Business

Have you noticed our politicians so often do exactly the wrong thing? They mean well, but in their haste to propitiate us, the voters, they cause more damage than good.

Yes We Can... What?

| Posted 11.11.2008 | Business

Barack Obama is faced with very high expectations. There is only a small likelihood that any human being could actually deliver a performance commensurate with those expectations.

Inflation Prospects

| Posted 11.14.2008 | Business

In the last few months, we have seen the prices of commodities dropping precipitously. Oil dropped from $150 to $60, Gold dropped from $1,000 an ounc...

Let GM Fail

| Posted 11.18.2008 | Business

Throwing taxpayers' good money into that sink hole called the US auto industry will be tantamount to a transfer of wealth from tax payers to GM employees.

End the Bailout

| Posted 11.20.2008 | Business

Paulson is now on his third plan for how to spend the cash Congress gave him. Nobody knows what he will do next.

Paulson Policy Failures

| Posted 11.24.2008 | Business

The Treasury's policy did nothing to build confidence or stabilize the markets. The precipitous drop of the equity markets in October and November are the market's judgment on their policies.

Crisis of Confidence

| Posted 11.26.2008 | Business

Seeing the news headlines, clearly people are frightened.The issue we are faced with today is shortage of confidence, not shortage of capital.