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Entries by Alan Singer from 07/2010

History's Not History Yet

| Posted 07.06.2010 | New York

You would expect the members of the New York Board of Regents to have some experience with and commitment to public education. Well, they don't.

High School Graduation Speeches

| Posted 07.13.2010 | New York

The Bloomberg-Klein machine that is destroying the New York City public school system has made some powerful enemies, including students from University Heights High School.

Teach for America -- It's All About "Me"!

| Posted 07.16.2010 | New York

Rather than improving education in the United States, TFA is part of the campaign to de-professional teaching and the concerted campaign to "charterize" and privatize public education.

Why Did Nicole Suriel Die?

| Posted 07.18.2010 | New York

The death of Nicole Suriel was a tragedy and an accident. But it was made more likely because the school system does not respect the importance of administrators who are educational leaders rather than middle managers.

Bloomberg of Tammany Hall

| Posted 07.30.2010 | New York

The gold standard for rich people in politics remains Mayor Michael "Moneybags" Bloomberg, who is busy reviving the politics of Tammany Hall; he sees his opportunities and he buys what he wants.