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Entries by Alemayehu G. Mariam from 12/2009

The Toxic Ecology of African Dictatorships

| Posted 12.06.2009 | World

The inconvenient truth about Africa today is that dictatorship presents a far more perilous threat to the survival of Africans than climate change.

The Art of War on Ethiopia's Independent Press

| Posted 12.14.2009 | World

Use a sledgehammer to smash a butterfly! That is the exquisite art of war unleashed on Ethiopia's independent press by the dictatorship of Meles Zenaw...

Copenhagen: The Mouse that Roared at the Conference

| Posted 12.21.2009 | Green

The "delegation of African negotiators" rumbled into Copenhagen rubbing their palms and licking their chops in the hope of reaping billions of dollars in carbon blood money and make a quick exit.

The Raw Machismo of Dictatorship

| Posted 12.22.2009 | World

It was a remarkable display of raw machismo: "My way or the highway... or jail!" It was a one-man political theatre, a monologue about absolute power,...

Ethiopia: Birtukan, Invictus! (Unconquered)

| Posted 12.28.2009 | World

On December 29, 2008, almost a year ago to the day, the only woman political party leader in Ethiopia's 3,000-year history was manhandled and abducted to prison.